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Our Story

"Purely Amazing" Flour was created from a mothers love for her daughter.  Back when our daughter was in the six grade, she started having some issues with her back and her walking.  Nothing really serious at first, but there was a notice of something different. Then when 7th grade rolled around the problems got worse.  She started having severe back spasms and pain.  We took her from one doctor to another, and they could not diagnose the problem.  Then, we received that call from school, from our daughter, saying that she could not continue.  While we were trying to find out what was causing our daughters problems, a Neurological Chiropractor ordered a bunch of food allergy test for her.  From those test we did find out that she was severely allergic to Gluten, Soy, and a number of other grains.

At first we ran to the store and bought everything that was Gluten free.  There was not much to choose from, and the taste was terrible.  We caught up with people, who claimed to be able to cook Gluten free items, but once again there was no taste, and the baked breads tasted like drywall.  Our daughter was getting very frustrated, and was limited to the choices of foods that she had to eat.  So that’s where a mother’s love for her daughter came in.  Her mother rolled up her sleeves, and got busy creating Gluten free flours and foods for her to eat.  She started eating clean and healthy.  But, most importantly she was enjoying the taste of the foods.  Our daughter felt like she had different foods to eat again.  So Purely Amazing was born.  I’m sure there are others out there for whatever reason cannot eat Gluten filled foods, or they just want an option to eat healthier.  All of our products are 100% all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, and no preservatives.  Our Purely Amazing flours allow you to be able to cook, and to bake items of your choice.  We also have cookies, muffins, pastries, and breads for you to eat and the taste is fantastic. 

Remember, eating clean and healthy is "Purely Amazing!"

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