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6 Years of Creating "Purely Amazing" Flour

Our Vision

"Purely Amazing" Flour's vision is to give people the opportunity to eat 100% clean and healthy. We accomplish our vision by using a non-grain flour, that is free from preservatives, gluten, genetically engineered (Non-GMO), and is 100% organic.

Our Mission Statement:  "Eating Clean and Healthy is Purely Amazing!"

Our Message

"Purely Amazing" Flour was created to address grain allergies.  It is a non-grain flour, which is an alternative to wheat flours.  Our company has created a unique proprietary blend of non-grain, organic, Non-GMO flours.  In addition,"Purely Amazing" Flour is free from artificial ingredients and fillers. The formulations of the different non-grains, was formulated over six years, resulting in a pending patent.  The uniqueness of "Purely Amazing" Flour and it's baked goods, will be liked by all, who enjoy eating fresh, delicious, non-GMO, gluten free, all natural, products that are moist and has the "chew."  The difference between "Purely Amazing" Flour, and the traditional gluten free flours, are: taste, moistness, texture and consistency.  The moistness, versatility and chewiness, which we have all come to love in eating the traditional wheat baked products, is the advantage of eating "Purely Amazing" Flour products.

For those who do not have allergies to gluten, "Purely Amazing" products provide you with a clean and healthy alternative way of eating.  Your favorite grains can be added to "Purely Amazing" Flour to create your favorite foods, such as cornbread, resulting in a much lighter and richer flavor.

"Purely Amazing" Flour Pop-Up Shops participation in the GFAF Expos have resulted in the sell out of all of our products.  The look of someone who has tasted our products for the first time, created what we have called "The Purely Amazing Look."  You know...that look of when your tastebuds explode with sheer enjoyment!  We trust once you have tasted products baked or cooked with "Purely Amazing" Flour, you will enjoy the texture and flavor reminiscent of the good 'ole days, when food was pure in taste, leaving you with energy and not sluggishness.


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