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Peep'n the Scene

Updated: May 3, 2019

"Purely Amazing" is on the Scene!


Welcome and THANK YOU EVERYONE for the love that was shown at the Schaumburg, IL, Gluten Free Expo, back in April, 2018! That was our third year in attendance. The first two years at the Expo was our development years.

We developed "Purely Amazing" out of the challenges we had at home. We decided to go to the Expo, and share Our Flour and products, and to confirm if we could help to fulfill the need for better tasting, non-gluten, all natural, preservative free baking and cooking flour and products. We listened to 'You' and appreciated all of the feedback you provided. So, we came back to the drawing board, and test kitchen and continued driving to excellence! Excellence that is built on the need and desire for a Wonderful tasting, chewy, moist, gluten free, all natural products. We came back after all of your suggestions, and the results were mind boggling. So at the second Expo we wanted to taste test, and we were amazed at the overwhelming response of people wanting to know where could they buy "Purely Amazing" Flour and Products!

We came back in April of this year, with a Pop-Up Shop, and once again, the reception was phenomenal! We sold, sold, sold out of everything...from Flour, Mixes to Baking Products. We appreciate creating new friends, followers and a new family!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for your suggestions, ideas and your comments to help us create "PURELY AMAZNG!"


Check here to see where "Purely Amazing" is popping up!

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